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Energetics - Energetic treatments

Every diagnosis aims to determine the causes of the disease. 

The same goal is pursued by bioresonance diagnostics To determine in the shortest possible time the negative effects on the body both from the outside and from one's own body.

These are in particular bad teeth with toxic sources of infection, incompatible filling materials as well as a violation of the harmony of the interaction of the human microbiota with the immune system.

No wonder alternative practitioners say that with bad teeth and the absence of good gut bacteria, healing is impossible. 

Immediately after the bioresonance diagnosis to restore the disturbed harmony promptly and quickly, we test suitable microimmune preparations with the help of a bioresonance device. 

We immediately assign it to the patient, which he routinely orders from his pharmacy.  We continue to monitor the patient for the next month while he restores his intestinal flora.  In parallel, we solve problems with teeth. Below, is a brief description of how microimmunotherapy works. 

Microimmunotherapy - Strategic partner of the immune system. 

Microimmunotherapy is an immunomodulating treatment that works with visible messengers like the immune system (e.g. cytokines, hormones, growth factors, nucleic acids) to send information to the organism and "reset" the immune response correctly.  That is, their goal is to restore correct communication between the cells of the immune system.  They will help these cells to regain their original ability to defend us against attackers, or to slow down their response if it is excessive.

In contrast to classical immunotherapy, the preparations of microimmunotherapy use a variety of immune substances (so-called "messenger substances"). These are prepared in low concentrations (microdoses) in a dilution/dynamisation process, which ensures their good tolerability. Furthermore, the concentrations used can also differ in the same preparation, depending on whether the substances are to have a stimulating, modulating or inhibiting effect on the organism. Analogous to the natural processes in the organism, the substances are administered in a specific sequence, a precise order.

Microimmunotherapy can be a strong partner in the treatment of acute as well as chronic diseases in which the immune system is out of balance. Infectious diseases, oncological diseases and autoimmune diseases should be mentioned in this context. 

In no case does microimmunotherapy ever replace the immune system, nor does it force it in one direction or block it, but it sends it subliminal information and is therefore compatible with other treatments. 

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