multifunctional power drills

With pioneering, innovative and patented technology
For orthopedics, traumatology and neurosurgery





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The fight against germs is of the utmost importance in the hospital and especially in the operating room.


CLEAN ACCU® is 1/3 cheaper than the conventional drill bit used today in the operating room.



• CLEAN ACCU® is the first fully sterilizable drill for the operating room.

• The integrated battery can withstand temperatures from +150 ° C.

down to - 80 ° C and watertight • Whole drill with housing and integrated battery can be sterilized as one

• The drill is delivered individually to the needs of the user. Chuck

 is adapted to the currently used drilling rigs

• Robust housing - drilling life at least 6 - 8 years


• CLEAN ACCU® offers considerable cost savings potential of

Avoiding additional work steps in the operating room

and during sterilization


CLEAN ACCU® - Fast Runner and Power Runner

• Fast Runner - high speed drill - for drilling and sawing

• Power Runner - High performance - For powerful orthopedic work


FDA Registration Number: 3015781792
Owner Operator Number: 10061121

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