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The controlled climate control of the body is the secret!

The System
The controlled climate control of the body is the secret!

The functional clothing system keeps the body dry and warm during rest and cools it down optimally during physical activity. As excess heat and moisture can be easily released into the environment, the clothing offers maximum well-being, even during great physical exertion. The antibacterial finish inhibits the formation of odours.

Layer 1 - The underwear
The underwear keeps the skin dry
The first layer (Layer 1) provides the body with optimal climate control during the active phase. No shivering during the resting phase, thanks to a fast re-drying time. Layer 1 must always be worn directly on the skin and forms the basis for perfect body climate control. 

Layer 2 - The insulation layer, Poloshirt
Keeps you warm
Layer 2 supports climate regulation in cooler environmental conditions and guarantees an additional cushion of warmth in the resting phase, without creating an undesirable and unpleasant heat accumulation effect in the active phases.


The underwear
Polo shirts and underwear for a pleasant working day

for ladies and mens

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